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Oleh Ollie*

I’ve been writing a lot of tips on how to write. And I guess this is the right time to write tips about how to read. Why? Because more and more people said they don’t have time to read (a book) – but of course they have time to read twitter timeline the whole day :)) *including me

I carry 2 books in my bag & I have 10 books beside my bed (that means I bought ‘em but I haven’t read ‘em). So, if I’m a soldier, I’m always ready with my amunition.

“…we also hear a new term of ‘social reading’. What is it exactly?”

I think the first reason why people can’t managed to read is because they don’t know WHY they read. We read for different purposes, but for me, I read to add my knowledge about my expertise (so I’ll read business books, etc), I love beautiful words and wisdom (so I’ll read poetry & philosophical books), I’d like to research for my next novel (so I’ll read novels with similar genre), when I feel down (I’ll read self-help), etc. I know what I want from my books. That’s how I can read 2 or 3 books per week.

Nowadays we also hear a new term of ‘social reading’. What is it exactly? It’s when you read a book, and you find good tweetable content, then you’ll tweet or share about it on social media. This is also make one good reason to read: to inspire more people on your social media channels.

Books have changed my life. It gives me inspiration (as a writer), source of knowledge (to share with friends), source of income (as a business woman), and last but not least, a supporting shoulder when I needed the most (I do have dark moments in life and motivational books have saved me big time).

Let’s read! :)

Thanks Donny for a chance to Wagen post on your blog ;)

Ollie (@salsabeela), She’s a writer of 20 books. Co-founder of startups like online bookstore and online self-publishing An avid reader.
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  • honeylizious 31 January 2012

    coba sekalian ada terjemahannya :|

  • didut 31 January 2012

    Baeklahhh ak akan ribut2 di twitter soal buku yg tak baca xixixi

  • Clara Croft 31 January 2012

    Nice tips Ollie, now I’ll have a good reason to read this just-borrowed-from-library book, which is: so that I can find material to write in my blog, hehehe…

  • Ipras 1 February 2012

    If I prefer to adjust to the needs, as you said, if I really was in need of the topic, then I’ll read a book on the topic, but still could not so often, because in addition to reading, I also want to practice that have been read :)

    *Walah sepertinya english saya masih belepotan, mohon maap ya Mba Ollie kalau english saya susah dimengerti hehe… :P

    Thanks for your share :)

  • jarwadi 1 February 2012

    Mendadak Mas DV fasih menulis enggres *Dikeplak*

    buka google translate dulu yah

  • Imelda 7 February 2012

    I don’t read timeline on twitter, but I do read blogs from friends. It helps me a lot also to understand living in Indonesia, provide information on tourist spot and sometimes I can understand their psychological development. I still need solid blocks of leisure timeto read a book because I have habit to finish the book once I start to read it.

  • Ayu 14 February 2012

    I am an avid reader, but since became a mom I found it a bit difficult to find a time to read a book. I’m reading for pleasure, so usually I read at nights or in holidays which are rare nowadays. But I still trying to find time to read to relax me, which is why lately I mostly read only romance books :)

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